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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> one of the great east lie and biggest coverup in all of sports. good evening everyone. >> the man who for years defiantly and repeatedly denied cheat to go we know all the cycling races admitting that he lied. in an interview with oprah aired tonight the disgraced cyclist finally confesses to the truth. here's brandy. >>reporter: after a decade of deception the moment many thought would never come. >> all 7 of your tour de france victories did you ever take banned substances or blood dop dope. >> yes. >> in an exclusive interview on the oprah winfrey network great cyclist lance armstrong finally confessed to using banned substances to help him compete. >> my cocktail so to speak was
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only em p o. not a lot. transfusions and testosterone. >> armstrong apologized for his trail of lies. >> all the falt and all the blame here falls on me. >> cyclist former best friend teammate andrew armstrong attacked him for revving to lie about his drug use. >> i got e-mails. trader rat. secondhand cyclist. just ripped apart. >>reporter: while armstrong future is uncertain. >> i have never taken performance enhance drug. >>reporter: lays unoath out lasted statute of limitation for criminal perjury charges but lawyers are watching every word of this interview part 2 airing friday. because several will you suits in the working. >> i view the situation as one big lie. >>reporter: this confession has also led to more embarrassment. lucky officials now stripped armstrong of the
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2000 bronze medal. >> "nightline"will have much more on the armstrong interview starting at 12:37 after jimmy kimmel live. >> relief anger in the san jose neighborhood where word is out that a mother story about her child attempted abduction is just that. a story she made u up. tonight the child father spoke with 7 news about the ordeal. lillian is live in san jose with the story. lillian? >>reporter: carolyn, the mother remains inside her home. she isn't talking to the media tonight but the child's father is speaking out. >> i'm upset that this lie was perpetrated by my baby's mother for reasons unknown. >>reporter: curtis is the father of the 3-year-old girl whose mother said was the taingt of an attempted kidnapping in front of her own home. san jose police now say it was all a lie. but lick most everyone else he believed the story despite warnings from family and friends who remind him of things the girls mother had said in the past. >> i was basically telling them
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well, she wouldn't go this far, to this length to make up a story this big. >>reporter: all of this began tuesday when jenny made a call to 911 saying a stranger in her neighborhood approached her daughter and tried to snatch her from her arms. >> knelt down to talk to my 3-year-old and he just picked her up by her ankles and started pulling her from me. >>reporter: investigators canvas the area interview neighbors and even came up with composite sketch of the man based on her descriptions but after awhile they notices inconsistency with the story. >> investigators started to push a little bit harder. decided to bring the mother in again and it didn't take too long and she finally confessed to fab ri kaiingt the entire story. >>reporter: neighbors relieved and upset at the same time. >> i was angry when i heard it was lie. because i thought wow! she put us through a lot of anxiety. >>reporter: she has been em bride with custody battle over their 2 daughters has no idea what the motive might have bee been. he says it's the lateness a stripping of lice. >> she told all her friend and
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my family that my daughter had leukemia. and it wasn't until one of her friend who is a nurse asked her about the treatment that she was receiving that she came up, she came clean. >>reporter: san jose police plan to the file charges against the mom for filing a false report. it's a misdemeanor pirnable up to 6 months in jail and 1,000 dollar fine. live in san jose, abc 7 news. all right thank you very much. >> tonight the bay area has its first reported death from this year flu outbreak. victim was 98-year-old woman from santa clara county now health officials are not identifying her beyond that but say she suffered from other chronic conditions as well. state wide officials say at least 4 other people have died te of the flu so far this year and with the flu expected to strike here in the bay area with the same ferocity it has in other parts of the country people take precaution. doctors and pharmacy are seeing a rush on the vaccine. allen is live at safe washington way in rock
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ridge where they are stocking up, right. >> that's right dan. safeway said today it's chipping 200,000 more doses of the flu vaccine to its pharmacy to meat that rising demand. but it's not the only pro active one. schools. hospitals even churches are taking precaution precautions. at the cathedral of christ the flight oakland parishioners took commune on from the same chalice at the height of flu season. the diocese of oakland and san francisco say priest have the option of not giving commune i don't know to stop the spread of the flu. >> at the beginning of mass he said it was okay if we decided abstain from taking the wine at mass. it wasn't a sin. wasn't anything to worry about. >>reporter: cdc say 47 states are experiencing wide spread flu activity. but california is one of the least active states. still the level of awareness is on the rise here. >> for my job and so i was hand
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sanitizing all day long. >>reporter: fremont people rushed to get flu shots at washington hospital where clinic held today and tomorrow to meet demand. >> in fact i was just at walgreen's other day and big lane for that because the news just lick you guys doing right now scared everybody into getting it. >>reporter: shortage of flu shot spotty around the bay are area. wall gleans milpitas is temporarily out of the flu vaccine while it waits for new order. >> impact hasn't been human here in oakland yet. >>reporter: oakland school officials say only monterra middle school show signs of wide spread flu. 25% more students were accent but school officials are warning that a larger outbreak could happen quickly. >> some procedures we can take if flu does begin to spread rapidly moving desk apart. very serious situations we can suspend field trips. >>reporter: meanwhile santa clara county top health officers requiring that all health care workers get the flu shot or wear a mask during flu
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season. by the way, there is no appointment needed to get a flu shot here at safeway. it's open a walk inbasis only. >> very good. thanks very much gentleman best way to avoid the influence and still time to protect yourself, we have tips on our web site 0under seat it on tv. >> developing news out of hayward where a woman was burned in a house fire. began just before 9:30 tonight at the apartments here on e street. fire craw arrived and found a woman up conscious but breathing on her own. she was tan to the hospital and arson investigators is on the scene trying to determine the cause of this fire. bakersfield man suing hotel after found unconscious suffering from severe carbon monoxide poisoning happening last season in burlingame at the embassy suite. the leak was traced to the malfunctioning boiler. robert survived. poisoning but according to his attorney he
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suffered brain injuries and is undergoing rehabilitation. oakland boy in critical condition tonight after being hit by a car. the accident happened just after 5:30 near the intersection of 28 avenue and foothill boulevard. sky 7 flew over the scene shortly after the child taken by ambulance with a head injury to the oakland hospital. police determine going the boy ran into traffic or if he was in a crosswalk at the time of the accident. >> 4 people suffered minor injuries when car crashed that a grocery store in vallejo. 60 7 hd over the scene at the grocery outlet. minutes before a berkeley woman drove through the front door. the car ended up in the produce section. one person inside the store, the driver and her 2 passengers were hurt. the crash is under investigation. well there's a chilly in the air tonight and spare the air alert is in effect. spencer is here with life doppler 7 hd. >> okay didn't look at live copler 7 hd. mostly clear skies around the bay area and it's another chilly night. as
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a matter of fact right now temperature readings are 33 degrees in fairfield. 37 in novato. 36 at santa rosa. but check this out. 24 hour temperature change shows most locations are several degrees milder right now than they were at this hour last although it's cold and few spots temperatures moderating indicating milder weather coming our way. show you more in the accu-weather 7 day forecast in a few minutes and take a look at the spare the air alert for tomorrow. >> all right spencer thank you. >> san francisco double school students getting a lesson in on line safety. all 55,000 students will be taught the basic of digital citizenship they tackle cyberbullying brave situation concerns and what to trust on line. >> come up next. new warning about gift cards. they are convenient to use obviously but so easy for someone to the abuse. some advice from 7 on your side michael on how not to get ripped off. >> san francisco nudist takes their case to federal court for the right to bare all.
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>> very excited very excited. >> he should be. up next wish of 49ers ticket give away. >> then later on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight on the show jennifer lopez. bob and my dramatic sit down with mark wahlberg who confesses that he is from boston. i knew were you from boston. >> i'm sorry jimmy. >> it's fine. >> i apologize. >> jimmy kimmel live starts >> jimmy kimmel live starts right after
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>> if you are thinking about buying a gift card watch out. we have warning about thieves stealing money right off the cards. santa cruz county sheriff's department says gift card fraud is on the rise. thieves steal money from the cards by scanning the bar code and creating a duplicate. once you load the card with money, they use their copy to buy merchandise. investigators say it happened three times recen recently at santa cruz safeway stores. tip from michael you can avoid theft by purchasing cards that are sealed in a
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package and do not have an exposed bar code. >> good tip. first of hundreds of lawsuits involving death and injuries from sudden axle inflammation toyota vehicles has now been settled. this camry slammed into a wall in utah. no financialal terms exposed. remaining law firm not affected by the settlement today. last month toyota agreed to pay more than 1 billion dollars to resolve hundreds of lawsuits involving economic loss from toyota owners. >> activist went to federal court to try to over turn san francisco ban on public nudity. opponent of that ban are asking federal judge to block the law from going in effect on february 1st. the city wants the case threaten out. attorneys republicing the city say the ban is a matter of public health. nudist attorney says it's a violation of free speech. >> this is part of the political speech. they view trying to add vo skate clothing operational lifestyle. >> there is concerns about the harm that people feel when they
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are exposed to nudity unwillingly. >>reporter: no decision was made today. judge said that he will issue a written ruling before the end of the moychlt late tonight bar passengers face delay for next few week. agency doing retrofit work in the tube and people traveling after 10:00 p.m. will experience delay because only one track in serve. bart single tracking between the montgomery and west oakland station well into february. well one very lucky man preparing for his first airplane trip tonight. courtesy of the 49ers. cory royal of the bay view district got a call this morning from the niners saying had he won the team road trip sweepstakes. he scored 243 tickets to this sunday national football conference championship game in atlanta. and we asked cory if he thought he had a chance of winning. >> never. i did it yesterday. contest ended today so i was just lake yv nothing to lose so let me just did it and it
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happened. i got the call. i can't even explain it right no now. >>reporter: he gets to take a buddy to the game. airfare game tickets and transportation all paid for by the niners. corey have a great time congrats laying sfoos how can he not gentleman count down is on for sunday play off games. being one of the forty-niner faithful is all in the family for this clan from san ramone. recently got a tour of candlestick that put them right on the scrimmage line. isabel proud grandmother sent in these pictures of the youngest niner fan in the family. you can e-mail your fan photo to you report at this web site. we'll post them at abc 7 and show many of them open the air. >> 7 news reporter, sports reporter mike is in atlanta right now to cover sunday game. his first report will air tomorrow right here on 7 news. how fun. first the giants give us a thrill now the niner niners. >> how great if they pull it off is that talk about the weather. >> spencer here with that. weather taking a rather
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thrilling turn. not so thrilling as niners victory would be but thrilling nonetheless. there is an absence of clouds around the bay area and getting pretty chilly in some spots down to 33 degrees at fairfield. 38 at napa. rather mild 52 here in san francisco so few locations will be quite cold overnight. others not so cold. tomorrow another spare the air day. third consecutive one. high surf advisory for the weaned and dray pattern we are in right now continues that next week. high surf advisory in effect 10:00 o'clock saturday morning to 4:00 o'clock sunday afternoon northwest swell up to 20 feet. strong rip current possible in large breaking waves right now, though, the wave height at normal levels going up increasing tomorrow and saturday. overnight tonight 32 at nap a.between at santa rosa. 28 at fairfield so again we have a few coal spts overnight with temperatures moderating a bit despite the area wide chill. tomorrow again third consecutive spare the air day with par air
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quality in the north bay along the coast and central bay and only moderate air quality at best for the remain dear of the bay area. high pressure still controlling feature and weather pattern bringing us dry weather sunny afternoon and milder days ahead that you the weekend into early next week. tomorrow sunny skies around the area. mid 60's, 65 santa clara and san jose 66 at campbell and cupertino. peninsula, high pressure reach 63 at san mateo o. 64 at redd with city and 65 palo alto and coast pretty mild as wement high of skup at pacifica and 64 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco 63 degrees tomorrow. 61 in the sun set district up in the north bay we see mid 60's from clover dale to santa rosa to calistoga. east bay high in the mid 60's up to 65 at oakland astro valley. skibs at fremont. inland east bay beginning to claim not quite so warm as the newest bay. high in the inland east bay and low
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to mid 60's up to 63 at danville walnut creek and monteray bay upper 60's near the basement low 70's inland at salinas and holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast. about let me skip. here we good. if the going to skip ahead. folks sometimes we do have these little flubs here on the traffic but we have a 7 day forecast that bring us mild conditions writ on through the wednesday. >> it didn't listen to me. >> no rain in the forecast for the next 7 days. high pressure in the mid upper 60's through the weaned and that early next week. >> okay good stuff is that thanks spencer. >> talk more about the 49ers now. >> big game and larry is here. >> 49ers and falcons man who calls the plays on one of the keys to winning. interestingly has nothing to do with
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>> good evening. forty-niner
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prep for the falcons and championship game on sunday revealing comments from frank gore who says he didn't like the pistol offense at all when the coaching staff first started using it. he wanted to take the hand off and go and reed option requires chemistry with collin. quarterback can pull the ball out and keep it. don't handle the mesh well the result is a fumble. man klawling the play he says the idea on sunday is to get psyched up. not psyched out. >> it is a mun must win game. it's win or go home. that's i it. i think everybody has a real true sense of that but you have to maintain your focus on the task at hand. getting caught up emotions. what if could have would have this that other and it tend to distract you from doing what you do best and that's play the game. >> college hoop tonight. santa clara and usf meeting still lacking for the first west
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coast conference victory of the season. i didn't know betty was a fan. turned 91 today. first half great passing by the broncos. happy birthday betty. santa clara up. foster leading the way for the bronco broncos. 27 points. they were up 11 at the half. shot atrocious 32 percent from the field. dickerson with a miss. foster the pass right there to the throw down. santa clara routes usf in their own gym. o and 5 in conference play now. women hoop. trojans led for most of the second half. nice jumper by cook. she led usc with 21. 58-53 the lead. 20 seconds left. down 2. jennifer the put back. to tie it at 62 over time. bran con with 23. 30 shots for 27 points. sweet reverse right there. out scores in the extra
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frame and avoid the upset. after defeating warriors last nature heat take on kobe bryant and lakers tonight at staples. slam dunk contest. hoping that is lebron. kobe with 1 handed jam of his own but 8 of 25 from the floor. 22 points for bryant. lebron 39 in this game and we are calling this with authority. all heat 99-90 lakers lost 7 of 9 in jachbility and you have heard of hockey players with play off beard. shark defense man burns looks lake he hasn't shaved since the play offs. check it out. the official team picture that he will be using all season long. like ted on skaichlts month ago he was named one of cosmos sexiest hockey players. they may rethinking the vote. sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> not a fan of facial hair. >> on him it look goods. >> yes.
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>> aggressive. >> the beard or. >> both. >> all right. >> up next man goes digging in the dirt is that and hits the the dirt is that and hits the jackpot
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>> early tomorrow morning sunrise at 7:23 still chilly with temperatures in the 20s to 30's in some spots but look how it warms up by afternoon. we see mid 60's across most of the bay area and the 7 day forecast calls for this mild pattern to continue. we have high in the mid 60's right on through the weekend. maybe even upper 60's in some location. temperature moderate a little bit on monday tuesday then wednesday thursday we have a few clouds and a little bit of a cool down but still no rain expected. >> all right spencer thanks very much. >> amateur prospector in australia hit the jackpot. while searching for gold yesterday he found a giant nugget weighing nearly 12
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pounds using a metal detector an hour from melbourne. it's worth as much as 300,000 dollars. that's not a nugget. >> it's a bolder. >> jimmy kimmel live come up index. >> his guest are mark wahlberg and jennifer lopez. >> here's a sneak peek. >> have you been following the te'o' story. this is something else. well known college football player was in a relationship with a woman he met open lean but it turn out that i might not have the exact details but the woman was bruce willis and dead the whole time? something leak that. >> that's it. close as any other explanation. >> might fit. >> oh, boy. >> all right well kimmel live up next. >> thanks for joining us everyone. 7 news continues tomorrow morning begin
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live."
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tonight -- mark wahlberg. jennifer lopez. and "science bob" pflugfelder. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming to see us in person. look, i know things are a little tense between us right now, but what do you say we forget about the past and just live in the today, you know? on monday, which is


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